GSE Trading Results - Jul 27, 2016
Stock: GCB - 3.17 0 Vol. Traded: 1100
Stock: ALW - 0.14 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: AADS - 0.52 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: ACI - 0.01 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: AGA - 37 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: AYRTN - 0.11 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: BOPP - 2.9 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: CAL - 0.84 0 Vol. Traded: 29700
Stock: CLYD - 0.03 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: CMLT - 0.12 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: CPC - 0.01 0 Vol. Traded: 1600
Stock: EGH - 6.7 0 Vol. Traded: 7700
Stock: EGL - 2.41 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: ETI - 0.18 0 Vol. Traded: 3900
Stock: FML - 8.52 0.01 Vol. Traded: 1100
Stock: GGBL - 1.82 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GGBLRT - 0.1 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GLD - 38.8 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GOIL - 1.35 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GSR - 1.99 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GWEB - 0.01 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: HFC - 0.8 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: HORDS - 0.1 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: IIL - 0.09 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: MAC - 6 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: MLC - 0.18 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: MMH - 0.11 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: PBC - 0.05 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: PKL - 0.05 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: PZC - 0.22 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SAMBA - 0.73 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SCB - 14.23 0 Vol. Traded: 130
Stock: SCB PREF - 0.74 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SIC - 0.16 0 Vol. Traded: 300
Stock: SOGEGH - 0.8 0 Vol. Traded: 1000
Stock: SPL - 0.02 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SWL - 0.04 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: TBL - 0.3 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: TLW - 27.88 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: TOTAL - 3.89 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: TRANSOL - 0.03 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: UNIL - 8.47 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: UTB - 0.08 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Jul 28
Private Wealth Management Print E-mail

A Time-honoured Principle

Investment is a principle that works for all levels of income earners. It has been used by many to build wealth over time.

Databank Private Wealth Management (PWM) provides highly customized financial advice, investment solutions and portfolio management services to individuals and families both in Ghana and abroad.

We specialize in providing our clients with personalized financial solutions. We are dedicated to serving our clients through a relationship based on integrity and mutual trust.

Our Approach

We engage our potential clients in a conversation regarding their investment needs and aspirations.

We create an investment bouquet that meets this specific need by considering each client’s investment time horizon, appetite for risk and desire for an appreciable level of return.

We monitor and manage this portfolio on an active basis, as market conditions and individual investment objectives do not remain static.

We communicate with clients on a regular basis to ensure that our investment approach is in line with clients’ investment objectives.

Your Mandate, Our Mantra

We have worked with clients within and outside the country. Our experience with clients over the years has taught us to appreciate what is important to every individual person. Through years of dedicated service, we at Databank have come to appreciate that protecting business and wealth, providing for the family, educating dependents and preparing for life’s ups and downs are often very crucial to our clients. The ethos of our PWM service is to work with your mandate in managing your assets.

Our customized services will enable you complete your efforts in:
ƒƒBuilding your assets and wealth;
ƒƒProtecting your wealth; and
ƒƒGrowing your income/wealth over a period.

Your Fund Manager

We will assign you a Fund Manager who will work with you to achieve your investment objectives, as well as, respond to queries regarding
your investments. Your Fund Manager will communicate with you regularly through phone calls, emails, visits (whichever medium is most appropriate to you) at your convenience. You will also receive regular updates on the performance of your holdings.

The investment bouquet available to you will include equities, fixed income instruments and real estate options. Our approach will be to factor in your preferences (that is, risk and return) and construct a portfolio to meet your investment objectives. Our goal is to match your investment time horizon with the appropriate investment mix.

The Security of Your Investments

The safety of your investments in Private Wealth Management is underpinned by the Fund Manager’s commitment to observe the fiduciary duties required by Asset Managers under the Securities Industry Law, PNDC 1993.

In addition, we work with our custodian, Barclays Security Services Limited (Barclays Bank Ghana Limited), to secure the assets of our clients. We are highly regulated by the Security and Exchange Commission and the Ghana Stock Exchange and this ensures that, we observe best practices in managing the assets for our clients. Our investments through our brokerage units are also supervised by the Bank of Ghana. Furthermore, your investments on the Ghana Stock Exchange and through Bank of Ghana are held on the Ghana Securities Depository (GSD), the official register for investments held by shareholders. Your assets are held directly in your name and this can be accessed at your convenience.


In order to protect your privacy with regard to your investments, we commit to the highest standards of confidentiality in managing your investment.

Our Services

In addition to managing and growing your funds, we will provide and support you with the following services:
ƒƒ Access to a dedicated Fund Manager and Relationship Manager.
ƒƒ Build, protect and grow your wealth.
ƒƒ Quarterly reports (transactions, valuations and performance).
ƒƒ Access to equity research reports from Databank Research.
ƒƒ Leads to other investment opportunities within the Databank Group.
ƒƒ Reference services to other third parties (e.g. embassies, banks, etc.) as directed.
ƒƒ Facilitate payment arrangements including monthly remittances.

Our Fees
Two main management fee structures are available under the Private Wealth Management services. These are the Performance based and Flat Fees options


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