GSE Trading Results - Nov 21, 2014
Stock: AADS - 0.53 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: ACI - 0.03 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: AGA - 37 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: ALW - 0.04 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: AYRTN - 0.17 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: BOPP - 4.02 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: CAL - 1.05 0.02 Vol. Traded: 25,700
Stock: CLYD - 0.03 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: CMLT - 0.12 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: CPC - 0.02 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: EBG - 7.4 0 Vol. Traded: 10,300
Stock: EGL - 1.54 0.06 Vol. Traded: 1,201,200
Stock: ETI - 0.33 0 Vol. Traded: 500
Stock: FML - 4.96 -0.01 Vol. Traded: 4,100
Stock: GCB - 5.38 0.02 Vol. Traded: 1,400
Stock: GGBL - 3.17 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GLD - 35.8 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GOIL - 0.99 0 Vol. Traded: 27,900
Stock: GSR - 2.34 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GWEB - 0.03 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: HFC - 1.35 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: MAC - 4 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: MLC - 0.26 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: PBC - 0.14 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: PKL - 0.06 0 Vol. Traded: 100
Stock: PZC - 0.38 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SCB - 20.34 0.14 Vol. Traded: 9,200
Stock: SCB PREF - 0.55 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SIC - 0.38 0 Vol. Traded: 15,000
Stock: SOGEGH - 0.87 0 Vol. Traded: 5,400
Stock: SPL - 0.03 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SWL - 0.04 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: TBL - 0.24 -0.03 Vol. Traded: 23,300
Stock: TLW - 36 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: TOTAL - 6.12 0 Vol. Traded: 2,700
Stock: TRANSOL - 0.03 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: UNIL - 12.37 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: UTB - 0.24 0 Vol. Traded: 400,000
Nov 23
Databank Balanced Fund Print E-mail


The Databank Balanced Fund (Bfund) is an open-ended mutual fund that seeks to achieve growth in income and capital. The Fund also aims at providing liquidity and conserving principal.

The main objective of the Fund is to pool funds and invest them in high quality fixed income and equity securities. The fixed income instruments include government debt instruments, Commercial Paper, Bankers' Acceptances and Certificates of Deposits. The equity securities component comprises listed stocks of good performing companies on regulated stock markets within Africa.
Bfund seeks to provide a combination of income and growth to investors who want a flexible instrument to meet their medium-term to long-term financial planning needs at a moderate level of risk. Bfund is also aimed at investors who want to take advantage of the benefits of both markets, that is, high returns and moderate risk. The Fund is designed to meet six (6) key needs of investors.

1. Regular Income & Safety of Principal: The Fund receives regular income in the form of interest from fixed income instruments and dividends from its equity investment. This helps to preserve the value of your invetment.

2. Liquidity: Bfund enables you to redeem your shares in the Fund for cash at no cost to your investment value. A shareholder wishing to have all or any of his shares sold will only have to complete a redemption form and submit to the Manager. The redemption order must clearly show the number of shares to be redeemed or amount requested. Cheques will be ready for collection within 5 working days.

3. Affordability: With a minimum monthly payment of GH¢ 10 you can join the Fund today and still earn very attractive returns. For a lump sum investment, the minimum amount is GH¢ 100.

4. Cost Efficiency: Bfund pools resources from many investors and invests in bulk, thus taking advantage of lower costs per unit transaction. The collective buying power enables the investor achieve more than could have been derived on an individual basis. This is because the Fund buys in large volumes and thereby enjoys lower transaction cost resulting from lower commission rates.

5. Portfolio Diversification: Investments in a combination of fixed income instruments and equities help to lower the risk of losing money. Thus Bfund provides you with a rewarding vehicle for diversifying your financial assets.

6. Professional Management: The tasks of determining which instrument to buy and when to sell, when an instrument will mature or whether interests and dividends earned should be reinvested are taken care of by our team of experienced and professional fund managers. This is strongly supported by Databank Research

Who can invest in Bfund?
Individual and institutional investors who want a balanced mix of risk and return within the medium to long term.

What are the Risks Involved?
Every financial product has some degree of risk. The main risk with the Bfund is depreciation in its price due to declines in interest rate and share prices. However, with the professional management of our investment managers, it is the objective of the Fund to provide returns which can compensate for any potential risk.
Interest rate risk refers to fluctuations in the yield on fixed-income securities resulting from changes in the general level of interest rates. Share price fluctuation refers to the rise and fall of share prices in response to activities specific to the company as well as to general market, economic and political conditions.

Who Manages the Fund?
Bfund is managed by Databank Asset Management Services Limited (DAMSEL). DAMSEL was set up as a subsidiary of Databank in 1995 to undertake the investment functions of the Databank Group. DAMSEL currently manages funds worth over GH¢130 million. Some of these funds are corporate provident and pension funds, endowment funds, private client services for high net worth clients and collective investment schemes. DAMSEL is credited with establishing the first equity mutual Fund (Epack) and money market Fund (Mfund) in Ghana.

How Do I Get Started
For more details, contact the following address:
Databank Asset Management Services Ltd.

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