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Q. Are there any other Direct Debit channels available from Databank?

17 Apr, 2020 825 Direct Debit
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A. Yes. *6100# and CAGD.

  • *6100#: This short code allows clients to sign up for direct debit using their mobile phones. To sign up for this service client will need to register using by following the process below.
  1. Dial *6100#.
  2. Type 2 and tap ‘‘send’’.
  3.  Enter your Databank account number. Type 1 and tap ‘‘send’’.
  4. A text message will be sent to you with a four-digit PIN code. You will need this pin to access your account details.

*Only Databank account holders can register to use this service. The service is only available to MTN users until further notice.

  • Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD): This is a service introduced to clients who are government workers to have their investment deductions done straight from source before their salaries are paid into their bank accounts. To sign up for this service, clients will have to
  1. Visit a Databank location to complete the Loan Advance form and the Authority Note form provided by the CAGD.
  2. Submit the Loan Advance form to a Relationship Manager for endorsement after completing and signing it.
  3. Submit the Authority Note form to your Head of Management Unit or Salary Validators for endorsement and stamping. The Head of Management Unit will also generate a mandate number for you.
  4. Return the stamped and endorsed forms to a Databank location with a valid national ID and a passport photo.
  5. Fill the CAGD Databank Investment Deduction Form at the Databank location to indicate the mutual fund account you have chosen to credit.
  6. The filled forms, ID and passport photo will be scanned and uploaded onto the Third-Party Reference System (TPRS) portal to begin the deductions.


*There is a 3% charge for clients who wish to opt for this service.