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Express your love in a unique way with a Databank Gift Voucher

Welcome to a new way of gifting that combines thoughtfulness with practicality. With a Databank gift voucher, you’re not only expressing your love and appreciation – you’re providing your loved ones with great opportunities for their financial future.

*Please note that only MFund 2 Gift vouchers are currently available.

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Choose our gift vouchers because they are …

  • Meaningful: Investing for your loved one(s) is a pure act of kindness and could go a long way to secure the financial future of those who matter to you.
  • Flexible: You can choose any amount from GHC 50 to send to that special person. You also decide whether to get a physical voucher (at a branch) or have us send them a virtual card.
  • Personalised: Our unique virtual cards allow you to leave a note to your loved one(s), making your gift truly heartfelt and unique.
  • Convenient: It’s super easy to get a voucher for your loved one. You can visit our offices or sign up online with no hassle. Databank will now send the virtual card to that special person on your behalf or deliver physical vouchers at a fee.

Start giving with purpose today!