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It stands for Central Securities Depository Account.

It is an electronic bookkeeping account on which all purchases and sales of securities (shares and bonds) by any investor on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) will be recorded.

All investors on the GSE will be required to open CSD accounts to facilitate automated trading because without the conversion of securities into electronic form, the functions of the automated trading system will be impeded.

1. Risk of loss, mutilation, destruction and theft associated with holding physical certificates are eliminated

2. You can monitor all your holdings in one account instead of holding different securities certificates

3. It makes it easier for Databank Brokerage Ltd (DBL) to monitor the performance of your portfolio of holdings in listed companies

4. It facilitates the efficient operation of the automated trading system by allowing for prompt execution and real delivery versus payment of the clearing and settlement system

Purchases for all investments are limited to the amount of funds paid by investors. A purchasing investor will usually deposit funds for investments based on the current price of shares which will also determine the number of shares acquired by the client.

A client who wants to sell his shares must fill a sale order form which authorizes Databank to sell the shares on their behalf.