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Databank Foundation

Databank Foundation began as a small outreach to children at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital. This outreach was led by Dr. Angela Ofori-Atta. Angela’s work with the children prompted Databank to start something permanent and sustainable – something that would be Databank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vehicle.


Databank Foundation was therefore created by Databank Group as an intentional way to actively engage in CSR. The Foundation works to promote education, leadership development and mental health for the vulnerable. The Foundation has a long-term commitment to identifying and addressing the needs of vulnerable groups in our society. Commencing from 1997 with our social work at the Children’s Ward of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Databank Foundation has initiated CSR programmes such the Young Leaders Mentorship Program (YLMP), the Leadership and Excellence Awards (LEA), the African Leadership Initiative (ALIWA) and the Read Aid Literacy Program.

Our Values

Leadership – We lead boldly to create social change and make a difference in the world.

Excellence – We strive to excel in all we do by delivering results of valuable quality.

Humility – We have a learning attitude towards work and are always ready to serve.

Integrity – Our work thrives on honesty, trust and moral ethics.

Volunteerism – We are committed to being part of solving social problems in our society.

Our Objectives

  • To develop value-based and community-spirited leaders committed to significantly impacting their communities through leveraging their blessings of success


  • To develop and promote programs on mental health.  


  • To develop and promote programs on education to empower young people to achieve excellence