GSE Trading Results - Apr 30, 2018
Stock: AADS - 0.48 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: ACCESS - 4 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: ACI - 0.01 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: ADB - 5.95 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: AGA - 37 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: ALW - 0.08 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: AYRTN - 0.1 0 Vol. Traded: 100
Stock: BOPP - 7.2 0 Vol. Traded: 100
Stock: CAL - 1.95 0 Vol. Traded: 1800
Stock: CLYD - 0.03 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: CMLT - 0.16 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: CPC - 0.02 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: DIGICUT - 0.09 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: EGH - 11.5 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: EGL - 4 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: ETI - 0.22 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: FML - 17.24 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GCB - 6.31 0 Vol. Traded: 3000
Stock: GGBL - 2.56 0 Vol. Traded: 500000
Stock: GLD - 38.8 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GOIL - 4.9 -0.01 Vol. Traded: 200
Stock: GSR - 1.9 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: HORDS - 0.1 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: IIL - 0.09 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: MAC - 5.98 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: MLC - 0.12 0 Vol. Traded: 700
Stock: MMH - 0.11 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: PBC - 0.04 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: PKL - 0.05 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: PZC - 0.42 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: RBGH - 1.28 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SAMBA - 0.65 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SCB - 40 -0.04 Vol. Traded: 3000
Stock: SCB PREF - 1.18 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SIC - 0.41 0 Vol. Traded: 15300
Stock: SOGEGH - 2.18 0.25 Vol. Traded: 303400
Stock: SPL - 0.02 0 Vol. Traded: 23000
Stock: SWL - 0.05 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: TBL - 0.3 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: TLW - 17.14 0 Vol. Traded: 250
Stock: TOTAL - 6 0 Vol. Traded: 300
Stock: UNIL - 16.9 0 Vol. Traded: 0
May 25
Databank Omni Trader Print E-mail
Friday, 31 December 2010 09:48


The online brokerage phenomenon has radically transformed the financial services industry. It has given more weight to the notion of a virtual world being quite within reach. We’ve seen this on the global scene and now it’s within reach - one can log on from anywhere, at anytime, appreciate market events and carry out investment decisions over the internet. Investors today certainly have defied the physical and geographic barriers and demand “anywhere trading”.

We at Databank Brokerage know that online stock trading is all about the “investor”. Databank’s Omni Trader will present the perfect platform through which you can experience truly hassle free online trading.


Omni Trader is a comprehensive, real time fully customised online trading platform that gives a new meaning to self-service solutions in stock trading by giving the client access to securities trading on the Ghana Stock Exchange [GSE] and a multi-dimensional view of your brokerage account with Databank Brokerage Limited. Key features of this self-service platform include:-

  • Real-time trading on the GSE
  • Live market watch
  • Real time interfaces to view live rates
  • View real time outstanding orders and transaction history list
  • Real-time confirmation of trading on the GSE
  • 24/7 access to comprehensive reporting
      - Custody account positions
      - Trading account statements
      - Trade reports and
      - Cash position statements
  • Electronic messaging system for funds withdrawal
  • Furthermore, Omni Trader provides secure channels to change and cancel orders of multiple order types

Omni Trader is a truly powerful medium to be in direct control of your investments.

  • It operates its own real-time Risk Management Control System and Custody Management System. It is a surveillance system that allows Databank to proactively monitor all client accounts eliminating the risk of clients trading beyond their exposure limits. In addition, it also has a comprehensive audit trail facility that maintains all records of activity including administrative actions.
  • It is a straight through process [STP] compliant clearing & settlement, trade management and client accounting system encompassing all faucets of trade management.

Opening a trading account is very simple and hassle free. A duly completed application form is all you need to start trading online.

Freedom of Information

Using Databank’s Omni Trader can provide a new sense of control over your investments. The availability of in-depth market information is on of the best aspects of being wired to Databank’s Omni Trader. Clients can:-

  • know the price of any stock at any time
  • access to price history of stocks
  • follow market events in-depth

You get real-time stock quotes and daily roundups of the stock market.

Access to the Market

At the most basic level, Databank’s Omni Trader brings clients closer to the local bourse. An online trading account with Databank’s Omni Trader gives you more agility in the transaction process – this is through sophisticated information streams, dedicated trading platforms and sophisticated tools for accessing the market.

Control of your Money

One of the greatest appeals of Databank’s Omni Trader is the fact that the account belongs to you and is under your direct control. When you want to buy/sell stock you might not even have to call – just click.

Enables Hassle Free Trading

Databank’s Omni Trader provides direct access to your trading account, cash positions and your custody account to enable a seamless and hustle free trading experience. This will go a long way to improve the number of clients interested in trading.

Allow Instant Trade Execution

Databank’s Omni Trader online users will be able to execute the entire trading transaction right from logging on, to the execution and settlement of your trading account.

Offers Greater Transparency

Databank’s Omni Trader offers you greater transparency by providing you an audit trail. This involves a complete seamless process starting from order placement, to clearing and settlement and finally ending with a credit into your depository account. All stages are subject to inspection thus bringing in transparency into the system.

Instant Order Trade Confirmations

Every transaction is confirmed immediately detailing the full details for your records. This avoids costly errors that would have been discovered when it is too late.

Help Desk

You can contact the Databank’s Head Office anytime during trading hours. Any questions you might have will be addressed quickly and your trading ideas and strategies can be discussed with them.

Keeps your Information Secure

To ensure that you are safe; Databank’s Omni Trader deploys encoded passwords which are irreversible and cannot be viewed even by the administrator. Users are given role based access to application screens and reports. Our system can also revoke individual privileges to individual users.


a. Online Trading – Easy & Affordable

  • Lowest Commission Structure – for a limited period
  • Open an account with a minimum amount of say GH¢3,000 and a duly completed application form
  • No Inactivity Fees or Account Maintenance Fees
  • Cash back reward to Stock Investors – once client’s deposits exceeds an “agreed amount” in a given month, the client [can] enjoys a rebate of 1% on all “purchase orders”

b. Outstanding Support

  • Free online resources make it easy to learn more about the market or find out how to effectively use our tools
  • Multi Channel Order Placement. You can route your order through any of the following channels – emails and telephone

c. Up-to-Date Trading Tools & Research

  • Balances and portfolio values are updated real time to enable you track your stock positions and trading performance